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Frequently asked questions.

2.What countries does the Azadea Group operate in?
3.Does Azadea offer a gift card?

Of course! The Qanz Card is unique to Azadea, and it’s perfect for all occasions, letting you give the gift of choice to your friends and loved ones – whatever the reason, or for no reason at all. With a Qanz Card, you have the freedom to load the card with the amount of your choice, ranging from $25 and up to $800.


From the latest fashions to mind-blowing technology and the special items that turn a house into a home, Azadea has it all – and the Qanz Card unlocks every bit of it. So whatever you can afford, and whatever they want, we’ve got it covered. The Qanz Card is the gift of possibilities!


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4.How does the Qanz Card work?
Each card carries a cash value in the currency of the country where it was purchased, and it can be used at any Azadea store  except for our F&B and beauty & cosmetics chains. A single card can be used for multiple transactions at the same or different stores, allowing the recipient to make full or partial payments for any purchases until the face value has been used up.

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5.How do I activate my Qanz Card?
You don’t have to do a thing: the Qanz Card is activated the moment you buy it and is valid for two years from the date of purchase.
6.Does my Qanz Card work outside the country of purchase?
You bet! Qanz Card is accepted across borders, at all Azadea stores available in Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and UAE expect in Egypt. It is however not accepted at our F&B and Beauty & Cosmetics chains. It remains in the currency of the country where it was purchased though, so please keep in mind that exchange rates can fluctuate.
7.Can I use my Qanz Card to purchase items on sale?
Absolutely. Once it’s activated, the Qanz Card is just like cash at any eligible Azadea Group store, so cardholders can make purchases at any time.
8.Do Azadea brands offer alteration services?
Most do, and many of those offer these services free of charge, but details vary from brand to brand and country to country, so please ask in-store.
9.How can I make sure I get notified about sales and promotions at Azadea stores?
We make it easy: Just click here and register.
10.How often does Azadea have sale events?
In addition to events planned by individual brands, Azadea stores hold two network-wide sales every year, one for Fall/Winter and another for Spring/Summer. Stay up to date with our sales and promotion news by clicking here to register.
11.Exchange And Refund Policy.
All Azadea brands have their own refund and exchanges policies, which follow industry standards but vary according to the laws and regulations applying in the countries where they operate. Please inquire in-store to learn more about the respective policies and procedures in place, or check the back of your purchase receipt.