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15 November 2023

Mango takes its New Med concept to Dubai for the first time with the refurbishment of its store in Dubai Mall

Mango, one of Europe’s leading fashion groups, is continuing with its international expansion and brand consolidation plan with the reopening of its store in Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping centres in the world with a surface area of more than 500,000 m². Following its refurbishment, today the company is reopening its 755 m² store, which exclusively stocks the Woman line.

With the refurbishment, the store has become the first in the United Arab Emirates to feature the Mediterranean-inspired store concept, New Med, already present in some of the group’s flagship stores around the world. This concept aims to reflect the spirit and freshness of the brand and is strongly influenced by Mediterranean culture and lifestyle.

Sustainability and architectural integration are key to this new design, which is why new stores feature elements such as eco-efficient lighting and heating and ventilation, and a design which incorporates sustainable materials such as natural paint. In addition, for this specific store, unique and exclusive elements have been included to unite languages between both cultures, such as a dome in one of the areas and the finish on the façade slabs, which emulates the desert sand.

With the store refurbishment, Mango has created a new fitting room area, increasing its size to make them more functional, while equipping them with adjustable lights. New technologies and services have also been added to improve the customer shopping experience, as well as RFID technology for better stock control.

Mango first entered the United Arab Emirates in 1997 and closed 2022 with 16 stores in the country, in addition to an online presence through its own e-commerce and third-party platforms.