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17 November 2023


Zara returns to Dubai’s iconic Mall of Emirates with its latest image, following several months of refurbishment and enlargement. Set in a prime location within the commercial development, the new flagship store, is almost twice the size of the original opened in 2005. Over a single floor, it showcases the brand’s latest collections including lingerie – for the first time in a store in Dubai, a dedicated space for artistic performances, as well a café with curated Zara Home coffee and tea ware.

The new store reflects Inditex and Zara's current strategy of opening bigger and better stores that feature the most efficient technological tools so that customers can live the fashion experience in a spacious, innovative and welcoming environment. The quality of the space is a vital part of the architectural concept produced entirely by the Zara Architecture studio.

From the store's main entrance, accessed through the main square of the mall, the Woman and Man sections coexist beside each other whereby rectangular porticoes with lower ceilings mark the perimeter and style of each area. Light and natural tones characterize the Woman section, while the design of the Man section is framed with iron and concrete walls. In both cases, the warm accent is set by the natural textures of the carpets and curtains. The Kids section, with hints of color and warmth with wooden furniture, is flanked by a large interior rotunda and an impressive column covered with screens showing the latest Kids’ campaigns.

The renovated store has new ‘boutique’ spaces for Zara's most recent launches, such as Lingerie, Beauty, the Origins collection or Footwear and Accessories. These spaces have a distinctive design and furnishings and they are equipped with adjacent restocking areas for a personalized service.

Zara’s Mall of Emirates store is fully equipped with the most efficient technological tools to offer customers a unique fashion experience integrated with the brand’s online platform. To offer an integrated and distinctive experience for customers, Zara has dedicated a space at the center of the store to feature all the services that provide an integrated and distinctive experience for customers. Some of these services include an online shopping collection point with an automated storage area for up to 650 orders, an automatic online returns point and a large self-checkout area. Some other services of the store include a fitting room reservation service, a two-hour pick-up service for online orders, as well as the ability to search online for in-stock items at the store.

As part of Zara’s commitment to have more sustainable stores, this store has been designed, built and managed to reduce the use of energy and water when compared to a conventional retail store. This is in line with Zara’s commitment to constantly review our standards so that we are working towards better environmental practices.

To ensure that the store meets these criteria, it has photovoltaic panels installed on the roof, and it is connected to our centralized system which allows us to program lighting, heating and air conditioning, among other things, to suit what a specific store needs at any given moment. With this approach, we control and optimize our energy consumption and limit our CO2 emissions.

Additionally, the wood used throughout the store, as well as paper products including bags and labels, have all received PEFC or FSC seals, guaranteeing that the management process for the forest-sourced raw materials was conducted in a more sustainable way.

Zara works continuously to reduce the environmental impact of its teams’ daily decision-making with the use of a holistic vision roadmap that has objectives for every phase of the value chain. It also develops reuse and recycling programs that promote the circular economy and reduce waste and the first-time consumption of raw materials. Zara and Inditex are committed to achieving climate neutrality by 2040.

Zara at Mall of Emirates showcases a dedicated space for artistic performances at the main entrance of the store that will have temporary art installations. For the opening, the media artist collective Tundra introduces ÉXÕ (2023), a sensory experience that pushes the boundaries of art and perception.