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17 August 2023


PAUL, the renowned French casual dining restaurant and bakery, is commemorating its 20th anniversary in the Middle East and North Africa by embarking on an exciting new chapter, new F&B offerings, and for the very first time, the addition of an All Day Brunch section to its menu.

With a global footprint of more than 750 stores spanning 51 countries, PAUL has established a strong international presence over the last two decades. PAUL Arabia proudly made its Middle East debut in Kuwait under AZADEA Group in 2003. Today, the brand has presence across eight MENA countries, with over 110 outlets. Its reputation for culinary excellence has made it a beloved destination for guests in the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, KSA, Oman and Qatar. 

Maxime Holder, the Global CEO of PAUL, expressing his enthusiasm for the 20th anniversary celebrations said “We are thrilled to celebrate this significant milestone for PAUL Arabia. It is a testament to our enduring commitment to sharing our passion for French cuisine and culture with the Middle East and North Africa. As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we look forward to expanding our presence and delighting our guests with new and improved dining experiences.”

In addition to serving the core PAUL products of pastry, bread, cakes, a fully-fledged menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner, the new All Day Brunch presents seven distinctive dishes incorporating different flavours from around the world. Among the standout menu items, the Salmon Croll takes centre stage, featuring poached eggs layered on smoked salmon, complemented by tartar cream cheese and rocket leaves, all presented over a croissant croll, adorned with a drizzle of PAUL’s signature hollandaise sauce, and garnished with crispy crushed onions.

Alternatively, diners craving a brunch masterpiece must try the all-new Brunch Burger, a juicy beef patty, crowned with turkey, Emmental cheese, fried eggs, candied bacon, and Sriracha Honey Mayo, served in PAUL’s signature soft potato bun. Both dishes are accompanied by Allumette potatoes, completing the ensemble of culinary indulgence. Guests can also savour the Halloumi Pesto Quinoa, a nutritious blend of ingredients, the Miso Avocado Toast for a fusion of umami flavours, the Steak & Eggs for a classic fulfilling brunch meal, or one of the two Acai Bowls on the menu.

Furthermore, other menu sections have also been upgraded, with an array of dishes that offer a symphony of flavours and textures. The Crusted Feta Chilli Honey features feta cheese coated in white and black sesame, drizzled with chilli honey, and served with Fougasse bread. The pasta selection now features a Shrimp Burrata Rosé, a perfect blend of linguini pasta topped with shrimps, burrata cheese, and mixed with sauce rosée, chilli garlic oil, and sprinkled with crispy onions. Additionally, guests can enjoy the new Corn Ribs Chicken Bowl, which presents a combination of mozzarella cubes, mango chutney chicken, grilled corn ribs, avocado salsa, edamame, and lettuce, all mixed with an enticing orange dressing.

The celebration of PAUL Arabia’s 20th anniversary is made even more special with the new dessert selection. The Apple Tarte Tatin offers a heavenly combination of crunchy puff pastry filled with apple, drizzled with caramel sauce, and garnished with vanilla Chantilly cream. For chocolate lovers, the Chocolate Fondant presents a velvety dark chocolate melted with fondant, served with ice cream, and topped with dark chocolate shavings. Another chocolate delight is the Chocolate Choux au Craquelin, a perfectly baked chocolate choux filled with tropézienne vanilla cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. PAUL’s take on the classic Pain Perdu is another must-try, as well as the Tiramisu, which promises to take guests on a flavourful journey. Lastly, the Tropézienne Crèpe Brulée cannot be missed – a delightful French crepe filled with creamy goodness and irresistible fruity flavours.

The new menu can be found in all PAUL stores across the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, KSA, Oman and Qatar.