Become an azadean.

Azadea prides itself on using the very latest techniques to identify, evaluate, and recruit the most qualified job candidates.
The Azadea recruitment process uses a series of pre-determined stages, ensuring the best possible fit between each successful applicant and his or her position.
To submit your application, you can register on our Careers' website here and apply for the role that best matches with your experience. If you do not see a suitable vacancy, you can still apply and we will contact you when a vacancy arises.
CV Selection.
At this stage, the most appropriate CVs from our databases are reviewed and filtered based on the required experience and qualifications.
Aptitude and Skills Assessment.
Some roles require written preliminary assessments allowing us to test targeted functional or behavioral skills.
Initial Interview.
This involves meeting with a member of HR’s recruitment team to further discuss your experience, expectations, and background by using the CBI (competency-based interview) technique that enables a better understanding of your qualifications.
Hiring Manager Interview.
Here you will meet with one or more managers from the business to which you have applied, who will assess your technical fit for the role in question, as well as answer any questions you might have.
Background Check.
For this stage, you will nominate one former manager from a previous job to act as a referee with whom we can further discuss your competencies and fit for the position you have applied for.
Congratulations! You have been selected to be part of one of the leading retailers in the Middle East and Africa. The HR Department will be in contact with you to proceed with the employment offer.
Submission of Personal Documents.
To make you an official Azadean, you will be required to submit several documents required for our records, including any relevant visas, work permits, etc.
This process helps you adjust quickly and smoothly to the social and performance aspects of your new job, and learn what is required to function effectively within the Group.