Possibilities you can work with.

Working at Azadea opens up a broad range of possibilities for candidates from all walks of life, from students and young graduates to retail professionals and experienced managers.
Our business model involves us at almost every stage of the retail industry in more than a dozen countries, so we offer a wide variety of positions and locations.
For every job category we offer and in every market we serve, the AZADEA Group also believes very strongly that its people are its single-greatest source of added value, so we work hard to retain deserving performers who share our core values.

We Believe In.

Employees who take on the spirit of these values become Azadeans, people who predict the future by creating it themselves. They enjoy internal mobility across the full breadth and depth of our operations, giving each and every member of the team more possibilities to chart out a successful career path.
Every Azadean strives to become the best possible version of him- or herself, and we help them do it.
This means investing in qualified employees by nurturing their skills through a wide range of both internal and external customized training, as well as a commitment to career development and growth that opens up even more avenues for in-house advancement. It also means a transparent ecosystem, one in which we empower our people to achieve their ambitions by rewarding merit and ensuring equal opportunity for all.
At Azadea, we really do Believe in Possibilities and the Values that put them within reach. We’ve even distilled this winning philosophy into a Video Manifesto that can be viewed here.